Creating community

This website provides information and support for people living and wanting to live in co-operative communities and other intentional communities in Australia.

These include ecovillages, cohousing communities, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives, alternative communities and other situations where people live together with a common vision.

Here you will find resources for starting a community, finding a community home, living in community, and creating more community in your life.


A Resource Centre
This website is part of a resource centre, which encourages ordinary people to come together to form co-operative communities. The centre's activities include an advice and referral service, research, advocacy and facilitation.

It is operated on a voluntary basis. New volunteers are always wanted.

Advice and Referral
Our centre provides free advice, information and referral for people interested in joining or establishing a co-operative community. We cover the planning, finance and legal aspects of co-operative living.

We aim to help people come together to form co-operative communities that will suit their preferred lifestyle – whether it be an urban co-housing community for young families, a manufactured home park for retired people, a rural eco-village or an extended household.

We are accumulating an index of useful materials, including books, studies and papers, as well as establishing a reference library of our own.

Our research projects include:

  • investigating the effectiveness of NSW State Planning Policy 15 and other multiple dwelling planning provisions around the country;
  • potential funding strategies for shared ownership;
  • insurance options for intentional communities; and
  • developing legal templates and other documentation for establishing and operating co-operative communities.

We promote the social and personal advantages of co-operative living, and lobby and negotiate to provide more opportunities for co-operative communities to be established and their value to be recognised. This includes making submissions to all levels of government and speaking at conferences and other events.

You can help! Opportunities exist for people to be involved at many levels – as members of our group, as people prepared to offer their services through our centre, and as supporters and donors towards the cost of operating the service. We welcome your contributions in any aspect of our work.

To take advantage of our voluntary service or to help us provide it:
Call 02 4304 1634 or
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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